TIR Carnet (TIR Carnet) is an international Customsdocument that represents the cornerstone of the entire transit system and confirms that, in respect of goods under the TIR procedure carried an international guarantee

Today,  the International Road Transport Union (IRU) is the only international organization which has received (under the supervision of the TIR Executive Board) right on the centralized making and distributing of TIR Carnets to national guaranteeing associations in accordance with the Treaty obligations, adopted by the TIR Administrative Committee. In turn, each national guaranteeing association issues TIR Carnets to carriers of their State under the conditions set out in the Declaration of intent of the carrier.

The first page of the cover, as well as vouchers and counterfoils, grouped into two, are the most important part of the TIR Carnet for customs control and actions in relation to the guarantee system. Set of two vouchers and two roots is used in each State, on whose territory a TIR operation is carried out.

Submission of duly filled-in TIR Carnet nominal carrier containing the signature and seal of the issuing of the international organization and its guaranteeing association, in itself is proof of the existence and validity of the warranty. The TIR Carnet is valid until the completion of the TIR transport at the Customs Office of destination, provided that the operation started at the Customs Office of departure within the deadlines established by the TIR Carnet issuing the guaranteeing association.


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