From July 1, 2021, according to the new draft, some drivers will have to pay tolls

The Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure proposes to make an amendment to the RA Law on Roads, the purpose of which is to create an electronic system for toll collection. 
Tert.am learned about this from the e-draft information system.

The concept of "road toll" is enshrined in the law, which is a mandatory payment to the state budget of the Republic of Armenia for the development of the RA road network, construction of public roads of the Republic of Armenia for construction, repair and maintenance in the manner prescribed by this law.

Thus, according to the proposal, travel on public roads is free of charge, except for vehicles with a maximum permissible mass of 12 tons with a PPP contract designed, constructed, repaired or maintained within the framework of the PPP program provided by the RA Law on Public-Private Partnership. in defined cases, as well as in other cases defined by law. Toll roads designed, constructed, repaired or maintained under the PPP program are alternative routes.

By vehicles registered (registered) in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, as well as unregistered (unregistered) vehicles with a maximum permissible mass of 12 tons, the users of the roads of the Republic of Armenia also pay a toll.

The draft proposes to set the rate of toll for the use of state (interstate-republican) high-traffic roads of the Republic of Armenia for up to 50 AMD for each kilometer of the passed road. The rate of toll for each year is set by the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

In some cases, exemption from this fee is provided. Thus, foreign diplomatic missions accredited in the Republic of Armenia (consulates) for their official use of trucks for their official use, programs for trucks in the Republic of Armenia for construction of trucks, Road tax payers for cargo transportation within the framework of those cargoes, road tax payers for cargo transportation to Russian military bases located in the Republic of Armenia by trucks for such transportation.

In case the project is adopted, it will enter into force in 2021. since July 1.

News source: political-analytical platform Тert.am

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